Alle aktuellen Anime im japanischen TV

Hier seht ihr, was gerade in Japan im TV kommt: SHIMASHIMA TORA NO SHIMAJIROU TV Tokyo Montag 7:30-8 Uhr -- ROKUMON TENGAI MONKORE KNIGHT TV Tokyo Montag 18:00-18:30 Uhr Overview: The world of the popular card game "Monster Collection" is turned into anime. MEGAMI KOUHOSEI NHK BS2 Montag 18:00 -18:30 Uhr Overview: In the far future, to protect the last surviving planet, the boy Zero becomes a pilot of the giant robot "Megami". From the eponymous popular manga title. BIKKURIMAN 2000 TV Tokyo Montag 18:30- 19 Uhr -- KINDAICHI SHOUNEN NO JIKENBO Nihon TV Montag 19:00 -19:30 Uhr Overview: Based on the manga series in Weekly Shonen Magazine (Kodansha), and the first half of what seems to be NTV`s Monday Night Mystery Hour. Hajime swears on the name of his grandfather to solve any and every murder that comes across his path. WILD ARMS TV WOWOW Montag 19:00 -19:30 Uhr Overview: Anime based on the popular PlayStation game. Shaian Rainstorm is on a quest to reclaim the body he lost using his ARMS, which are said to be the ultimate guns in the world. MEITANTEI CONAN Nihon TV Montag 19:30-20 Uhr Overview: Based on the manga series in Weekly Shonen Sunday. Shinichi was turned into a little boy by some mysterious drug, and is now on a quest to find a way to become normal again... but in the process solves one murder after another. EARTH DEFENSE INDUSTRY DIE-GUARD TV Tokyo Dienstag 18-18:30 Uhr Overview: The fights of Die-Guard, a giant robot, against the mysterious creatures called Heterodynes. What makes this show different is that the robot is "outdated" and therefore weak, and only the wits of the pilots (employees of a security products company) helps the robot defeat each enemy. CARD CAPTOR SAKURA NHK BS2 Dienstag 18-18:30pm Overview: Based on the manga series in Nakayoshi. Now armed with a full set of Clow Cards, Sakura magically fights the supernatural phenomenon that happen around her. Of course, they are not spontaneous events... JIBAKU-KUN TV Tokyo Dienstag 18:30-19 Uhr Overview: Based on the manga series in Fami-tsu BROS. In Twelve World, fairies and humans once lived peacefully. But now, fairies were turning into monsters, and only a Great Child that rules over each of the 12 lands can defeat the monsters. Many a child wish to be a GC, including Baku. ANIME COMPLEX II WOWOW Dienstag 19:00 -19:30 Uhr Overview: The current lineup in this mini-show doubleheader is HAGANE TENSHI KURUMI, which is about a cute fighter android in the Taisho era; and SHINSHI MAHOU GEKIJOU: RISKY * SAFETY, which is about a girl who encounters a spirit that is an angel half the time and Death the other half. POCKET MONSTER ENCORE TV Tokyo Dienstag 19:00 -19:28 Uhr -- RERERE-NO TENSAI BAKABON TV Tokyo Dienstag 19:28-19:55 Uhr Overview: An animated series from this oldie-but-goodie manga by the legendary gag manga artist Akatsuka Fujio. MUGEN NO RYVIUS TV Tokyo Mittwoch 18:00 -18:30 Uhr Overview: in 2137, a flare from the sun`s corona left the entire solar system in a sea of plasma and cosmic rays. Aspiring astronauts board the Ryvius to escape from an ailing space station to head back to Earth. BEAST WARS METALS ~ CHOU SEIMEITAI TRANSFORMER ~ TV Tokyo Mittwoch 18:30-19 Uhr Overview: Megatron got a hold of the Golden Disk, and plots to prevent the Cybertrons from ever being created by time-warping into the past to defeat the original Convoy. KAZEMAKASE TSUKIKAGE RAN WOWOW Mittwoch 19:00 -19:30 Uhr Overview: The adventures of the female samurai Ran Tsukikage and her sidekick "little sister", Miao, set in the Edo period. ONE PIECE Fuji TV Mittwoch 19:00 - 19:30 Uhr Overview: Based on the Weekly Jump manga series. BOOGIEPOP WA WARAWANAI (BOOGIEPOP PHANTOM) TV Tokyo Mittwoch/Donnerstag 1:45 - 2:15 Uhr Overview: A secret organization that protects the world from danger, Boogie Pop. Based on the grand prize winner of the 4th Dengeki Game Novel contest. KYORO-CHAN TV Tokyo Donnerstag 18-18:30 Uhr Overview: the adventures of the mascot character for the Morinaga Choco Ball. POCKET MONSTER TV Tokyo Donnerstag 19:00 -19:30 UHr Overview: POKÉMON. `nuff said. OH! SUPER MILK-CHAN WOWOW Donnerstag 19-19:30 Uhr Overview: Milk-chan`s job is to receive orders from the President, defeat the bad guys using courage or wits or the power of money, then go eat sushi... or something like that. EXCEL SAGA TV Tokyo Donnerstag/Freitag 1:15 -1:45 Uhr Overview: Excel and Hayat have to work for a living as part of a freemason`s ploy to take over the world. BLUE GENDER TBS Donnerstag/Freitag 1:50-2:20 Uhr Overview: 22 years after he is put to cold-sleep, Yuji wakes up in a world where a man-eating creature named BLUE rules the ruins of what was Earth... and is recruited up to Second Earth, a space station where people who escaped Earth live. DISNEY TOONTOWN TV Tokyo Freitag 7:30-8 Uhr -- TURN A GUNDAM Fuji TV Freitag 4:55-5:25pm Overview: The latest in the GUNDAM saga. The advanced Moonrace, a group of long-lost settlers on the Moon, descends upon Earth to claim territory for themselves. Against this threat, a Gundam must stand, and our protagonist Rolan Seack defends his friends on Earth while trying to find a peaceful way to settle the conflict. SOREIKE! ANPANMAN Nihon TV Freitag 17:00 -17:30 Uhr Overview: The adventures of our pastry hero and his pastry friends. MEDALLOTO TV Tokyo Freitag 18:00-18:30 Uhr -- DONKEY KONG TV Tokyo Freitag 18:30-19 Uhr Overview: An animated version of the old Nintendo favorite. Kong fights the Cremlins who want to take over Congo Bongo Island. DORAEMON TV Asahi Freitag 19-19:30 UHr Overview: The old children`s favorite, still going strong. CRAYON SHIN-CHAN TV Asahi Freitag 19:30-20 Uhr Overview: The antics of a very troublesome young boy. NINGYOU SOUSHI AYATSURI SAKON WOWOW Freitag 19:30-20 Uhr Overview: Based on the mystery series that ran in Weekly Jump a few years back. Sakon the ventriloquist is normally a quiet man, but when he is controlling his puppet Ukon, he can solve almost any crime by using his real head and his talkative wooden head. TROUBLE CHOCOLATE TV Asahi Freitag/Samstag 1:45-2:30 Uhr Overview: A 45 minute show with 30 minutes of anime with 15 minutes of information and other "goodies" intersperced. The anime itself is about the hectic affairs of the students and teachers at Microgrind Gakuen. MANGA NIHON MUKASHIBANASHI TBS Samstag 7-7:30 Uhr Overview: A series of short animated versions of old folk tales from all over Japan. MONKEY MAGIC TV Tokyo Samstag 7-7:30 Uhr -- MONSTER FARM ~ ENBANSEKI NO HIMITSU ~ TBS Samstag 7:30-8 Uhr Overview: An animated series based on the eponymous video game title. CYBORG KURO-CHAN TV Tokyo Samstag 8-8:30 Uhr Overview: An animated version based on the manga series in Comic BonBon (Kodansha). Kuro-chan the cat uses his cyborg body and state-of-the-art weapons to defeat evil. SORCEROUS STABBER ORPHEN REVENGE TBS Samstag 17-17:30 Uhr Overview: A sequel series to Orphen. FUTURE BOY CONAN 2: TAIGA ADVENTURE TBS Samstag 17:30-18 Uhr Overview: 21 years after the first series, a new adventure begins. (Despite the title, characters from the first series will not make appearances.) Taiga goes on a journey to find OOPArts (Out Of Place Artifacts) before the reawakened Obatz gets to them. MU-PON TV Asahi Samstag 17:55-18 UHr -- ZOIDS TBS Samstag 18-18:30 Uhr Overview: An adventure in a world with living mechanic creatures. HUNTER x HUNTER Fuji TV Samstag 18:30-19 Uhr Overview: based on the series in Weekly Jump. MASHURANBOW TV Asahi Samstag 18:28-18:58 Uhr Overview: A boy and a girl embark on an adventure, on an Earth where humanity has become a unified life form called the Matrixer. A "battle adventure" which adopts the motif of the famous Chinese Monkey tale. KAIKAN PHRASE TV Tokyo Samstag/Sonntag 0:20-0:50 Uhr Overview: Based on the manga series in Shoujo Comic (Shogakukan). A growing-up story about a band called Lucifel from its humble beginnings to stardom... and the band`s relationship with a girl with a talent to write erotic lyrics. MIAMI * GUNS TBS Samstag/Sonntag 1:45-2:15 Uhr -- MU-PON DX TV Asahi Sonntag 6:55-7 Uhr -- NYANI GA NYANDAR NYANDAR KAMEN TV Asahi Sonntag 7-7:30 Uhr -- OJA-MAJO DOREMI # (SHARP) TV Asahi Sonntag 8:30-9 Uhr Overview: The further adventures of Doremi, Hazuki, and Aiko, who are three girls who were training to become witches. DIGIMON (DEGIMON) ADVENTURE Fuji TV Sonntag 9-9:30 Uhr Overview: An animated version of the DigiMon handheld game. Seven kids, led by Taichi, were at a summer camp when they were mysteriously transported to a digital world. And there, Digital Monsters (DigiMon) awaited them. Will the kids be able to solve the mystery behind this new world and go back to their own? GURUGURU TOWN HANAMARU-KUN TV Tokyo Sonntag 9:30-10 Uhr Overview: Based on a manga series in educational magazines such as Hanamaru Kids (Gakken). A story about Hanamaru-kun, a cute puppy-boy, and his friends as they live their young lives. GOZONJI! GEKKOU-KAMEN-KUN TV Tokyo Sonntag 10:00-10:30 Uhr Overview: 40 years after retirement, the archnemesis of our hero Gekkou-kamen has resurfaced. However, the hero cannot make it to Earth again, and sends his trusty bike to choose a successor. The bike, however, chose Natoto, an elementary school child.... CHIBIMARUKO-CHAN Fuji TV Sonntag 18:00 -18:30 Uhr Overview: Based on a manga series in Ribon (Shueisha). The day-to-day events around the Sakura family told from the perspective of the younger daugher, Momoko. SAZAE-SAN Fuji TV Sonntag 18:30-19 Uhr Overview: An animated version of the comic strip by the late Hasegawa Machiko. A series of brief looks at the three generations of the ever-busy Isono family, and their neighborhood friends. KOCHIRA KATSUSHIKAKU KAMEARI KOUENMAE HASHUTSUJO Fuji TV Sonntag 19:00 -19:30 Uhr Overview: Based on the longest-running series in Weekly Jump. The colorful adventures of Kankichi ("Ryo-san") the un-policeman-like cop and his ultrarich coworkers. GTO Fuji TV Sonntag 19:30-20 Uhr Overview: Based on the manga in Weekly Shonen Magazine. The antics of a "fake" teacher and all the commotions he and his students create in high school. SOUTH PARK (ja das wird dort als Anime angesehen) WOWOW Sonntag approx. 22:00-22:30 Uhr (right after the MEGA HIT THEATER) Overview: Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny`s antics are enjoyed in Japan as well... OJARU-MARU NHK Educational Montag bis Samstag 7:46-7:56 Uhr (M~F) 17:30-17:40 Uhr(S) -- NINTAMA RANTAROU NHK Educational Montag bis Freitag 17:50-18:00 Uhr -- Courtesy of EX:Magazine, thank you very much! :)
Feb 13, 2002