Vier Anime-Titel fallen bei Netflix raus

Mb | Jul 03, 2021 | Lesezeit: 2 Min.
After Netflix added 13 new anime to its program this month (we reported), it was now announced by Netflix that on the other hand 4 series will be dropped first. These are the films "Kizumonogatari I: Blood and Iron", "Kizumonogatari II: Hot Blood", "Kizumonogatari III: Cold Blood" and the series "Koro Sensei Quest!".

Nur noch bis zum 31. Juli verfügbar:

- "Kizumonogatari I: Blood and Iron"
- "Kizumonogatari II: Hot Blood"
- "Kizumonogatari III: Cold Blood"
- "Koro Sensei Quest!"